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Boys Ibiza – Boys en Ibiza – Stripers Ibiza – Stripers en Ibiza

Boys Ibiza.  It is not the same to try to make you spend a good time, that to get it. In Stripersibiza you can find Bachelorette parties in Ibiza, Hen Party Ibiza, boys at home Ibiza, private parties, birthdays, reunions of friends, etc.
Any excuse is good to pick up the phone and come to you these portents of nature. With bodies of 10, muscular, tanned, elegant, friendly and with charisma, much charisma!

All of them and much more to put the perfect icing on your event.

In this way, you can choose diferents profiles. Latin man, tattooed, blondes, black man … What the fuck!
We have boys of all profiles to please your desires.

Boys at home in Ibiza

For more comfort you do not need or move, whenever you want and the guy you want. Private parties in villas, apartments, boats, private premises, inside limousines etc …
There they will be at the place and time desired by you.

Cheekey butler, naked butler or sexy waiter also available

Call it like you wanted. You want to party with your friends to have the company of these chulazos ? In some cases the brides do not want the show but not for it you must Resign from their company. In this case, cheekys are your best option.

To enjoy them for hours. Sexy waiters with infarct body half naked with only one bow and devantal that will cover them for the front leaving the rear exposed.
They will prepare your drinks, participate in fun games that you do to the bride, dance and anoint them with suntan oil if you need it !! Enjoy them !!

Because you already have a blow of the mouse or call the solution to the icing on your event in Ibiza.

Our dedication, commitment and long trajectory in the sector managing events give us the best guarantee to introduce ourselves to you.
Contact us and get information without any commitment in a simple and effective way.
What are you waiting for !!??

Contact us now!!

Boys Ibiza – Boys in Ibiza – Stripers Ibiza – Stripers in Ibiza